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Please bring a yoga mat with you to class.

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• Balanced movement is defined by being in Balanced alignment. It is different from other systems because of the alignment of the bones. This alignment is taught in all the poses: standing, forward bending, back bending, twisting, reclining.

Balanced movement emphasizes relaxation. There is no struggle. You will reduce stress. You will learn to distinguish between tension and relaxation.

• You will become more aware of your alignment, your tensions, and you will know what to do about it.

• Balanced movement is pain free. You'll learn to move in ways that are completely safe for the spine, and joints.

• Expect to first recover from spinal and joint injuries and then to gain strength and flexibility. With persistence your spine will straighten.

• Balanced alignment benefits your health. The bones will align as they are designed to, taking stress off the joints and the bones. When the bones are aligned naturally there is the appropriate space for your vital organs and the nervous system. When the bones align naturally the muscles are at their natural length. All parts of your body will be in their optimal positions allowing you to be efficient beyond your dreams.

Practice Spinefulness postures like the woman on the right. Her spine is a column while the woman on the left arches back, dangerously compressing her disks and straining her muscles. We have the following options for you available:

Continue the journey of Spinefulness with specifically designed movements that bring greater relief as your muscles release, your body easily reshapes and your spine heightens. This is a journey of deepening awareness.

Are you interested in the history of Balanced Yoga? Read about how Jean Couch found Balanced Yoga, taking yoga full circle to its origins.

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  Balance has been good to me. I played hard all last year without injury and that got me a scholarship at Menlo College!
--E.P., student